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Sew What? Quilt Shop has Big News for you!

Hi Ladies, 
It has been a while since I emailed you all to let you know what has been going on here at the shop, and I am excited to tell you all about what has been going on. 

Before I do, however, I must remind you that FAT QUARTER TUESDAY is fast approaching.  Most of you know the date for this annual event shifts around because it is dependent on what date Easter falls.  Fat Quarter Tuesday falls on Fat Tuesday each year (get it?), so it can fall anywhere from February 8 through March 15.  This year, Easter is late, so FAT QUARTER TUESDAY IS MARCH 5. We will be open from 9am until 7pm on that day.  All the fat quarters (and trust me, there are tons of them) are only $1.75 on March 5. (In Store Only)  This has been the same low price for almost 10 years, and I guarantee that the bargain price will not happen again next year.  Immediately following FQT 2019,  the regular price of Fat Quarters is increasing to $3.25.  We are one of the last shops in the area to change our pricing on our fat quarters. This is a necessary increase, due to the increased price of the fabrics by the yard.  So, next year FAT QUARTER TUESDAY  the price will be $2.00 each.  Take the opportunity now to save yourself some money and take advantage of this bargain. 

It has been a long time since I have emailed you and we have had a lot of changes!  Most of you know that we bought some new furniture and doubled the number of bolts of fabric that we have in the store.  We have upgraded to a computer cash register recently, updated our website, and we have lots of great things on the horizon. If you haven't been into the store since last summer, you are in for a treat. Our store looks fabulous. Our new shelving shows off the fabrics advantageously. We have been able to order more wonderful fabrics in, and we are stocked to the brim.  If you are looking for ANYTHING specific, if it is at all available, we probably have it in stock.  New additions recently are Mary Poppins, Lacrosse, Rubber Duckies, new foods, Hockey, a new line of wonderful city scene fabrics, and much, much more.  You really need to see it to believe it. 

We have updated our website too.  You can now browse all of our fabrics from the comfort of your own home.  You can make a list of what interests you, and come see it in person in the store, or you can make your purchase online. We have updated our system so that you can purchase directly through our website,  You can even purchase online and come into the store for a quick pickup with no freight charges as long as you are a NY resident.  Our Etsy shop is still going strong, too, so you have the option of purchasing through Etsy also. If you are familiar with our business practices at all, you know we are very fair with the shipping charges, and always refund excessive shipping charges.  We work super hard to get everything in the mail within a day, or sometimes two.  Two days is rare, though. Usually, we have your purchase in the mail immediately. 

Another change that we are initiating is the new POS system for the cash register.  We have (finally) moved into the millennium, and are using a scanner and a computer for our register system.  This will help us immensely with the complicated inventory control that needs to take place now that we are selling our fabric online. This system is very new to us, so we beg you for your patience while we are experiencing our growing pains. We will be asking you for your email address, to get you into the system. We will be asking you for your rewards cards, as this system will keep track of all that information for us, and you no longer need to carry the card or worry about not getting credit if you have forgotten your card.  You no longer need to worry about losing your gift certificate, as it will automatically be tracked within the system.  We do, however, humbly request that you stop into the store, or call on the phone to get yourself into the system before Fat Quarter Tuesday, if at all possible.  We are quite busy on that day, and the more 'housekeeping tasks' that we have done beforehand will be extremely helpful to us, and keep your waiting time on a busy day at a minimum. We are very excited by this change and hope it shows that we are planning on being in business to meet your needs for quite some time to come. 

Another thing to put on your calendar for this spring is THE GREAT NEW YORK SHOP HOP.  We have made a few changes to this hop in the last few years, and I really think this is the best, all-encompassing hop that there is.  The best change is that we made it go for a longer span of time. The new dates are Tuesday, June 6 through Wednesday, June 19.  That is two full weeks, including two weekends. There are a lot of shops in this one, but there are a lot of options for you, the consumer, to figure out exactly what you want to do.  There are 4 categories for prizes:  North loop, containing 9 shops, South loop, containing 8 shops, Pick 12, (you pick your own shops, 12 minimum) and a Grand Prize (all 17 shops).  Prizes reflect the amount of work you put in.  Grand Prize is over 50 yards of fabric, and there are gift baskets for the other prizes.  The size of the gift basket for PICK 12 is bigger than the prize baskets for either of the loops because it takes more effort for you to go to 12 shops than 9.  The shop owners are super excited because we have nearly every shop in the area participating.  Participating shops are: Amelia's Fabric and Yarn Shoppe, Auntie's Attic, Aurora Sewing Center ( both locations),The  Carriage Quilt Shop, Chestnut Bay Quilting, Country Treasures, Creekside Fabric and Quilts, J. Madeline's Quilt Shop, MD Walters Sewing Center (formerly Marie's Sewing Center, both locations) Mt. Pleasant Quilt Company, Patchwork Garden, Sew Creative, Sew What, The Quilter's Daughter, and Town and Country Quilting.  I think every shop in the region was invited to play with us this year, but if your favorite shop is not on the list, please tell them to contact one of us, and we would love to include them next year.  Because there are so many shops, the time has been extended to include two weekends and two full weeks.  There will be 25% off all bolted fabric during this time span, JUNE 6-JUNE 19. (1/2 yard minimum cut.)  Hope to see you!

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