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To our loyal customers

To our loyal customers:
As we progress through this unprecedented situation of the COVID-19 outbreak, we find ourselves at a bit of a loss as to how to handle it.  We have been very careful in our retail space, disinfecting and cleaning constantly.  Every day the situation seems to change and evolve.  The news is pretty frightening, and we are trying to keep ourselves calm, and at the same time make wise decisions about our immediate and long term future. 

Most of our customers are in the "vulnerable" range.  We take the health of our staff as well as our customers very seriously.  We don't want to be responsible for anyone getting sick or spreading the outbreak.  With this in mind, we are TEMPORARILY closing our retail space.  We are very disappointed by this; I am sure you are too. 

At this time, we are going to continue to keep the online shop open, and we are going to continue to ship packages.  That means if you need something, you can still order online and we will get it out to you.  If you are local, you can order online and make an appointment to come to pick it up and we will deliver it to you in your car if you would prefer.  There will be no shipping charge for this 'curbside delivery' service.  We do recommend that you contact us by phone, email, or conversation in the online shop so that we will be there.  Our staff will be working a only few hours per day/week, so you will need to let us know when you want to come to get your merchandise so we can make sure we are there to meet your needs. 

I want to emphasize that this is a TEMPORARY situation.  We have no intention of closing our doors permanently.  We are just trying to protect our staff and you, our customers.  We aren't sure how long this shut-down will be for, it depends on how this all plays out.   We will keep you informed as we progress through this crisis, but right now we feel this is the best decision we can make.  Thank you for your patience, and please please stay safe.  

Thanks, and we hope to see you again soon.
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